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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Many happy returns Mum!

It is my amazing mother's birthday today. What else could lure me back to this blog after neglecting it for yet another week?! Just-too-busy-ber is living up to its name (I have to admit that it was me who named December as such) and I've been clinging on to the edge with my toes propped on my blog to keep me from falling into the abyss of "BELATED"ness. *pictures self falling from cliff, with arms flailing, towards a river* Please don't ask me about the river...probably to do with watching too many disaster movies when young.

Gee...that stream of consciousness took a windy route! Anyway, back to my wonderful mum who I have to thank for a great upbringing and for working so hard to make sure that I was never short of opportunity. I'd go on and on but it would just embarrass her especially if I told everyone how much I love her and miss her.

So, instead, I'd like to share with you the quaint beginnings of the phrase "Many Happy Returns" in my life. When I was a child in Malaysia, and subsequently, in Perth after our migration, my Auntie Kim and Uncle George (who lived in Sydney) would send me a birthday card every year along with a crisp 10 ringgit or dollar note along with wishes for "Many happy returns of the day". I was always perplexed by this as I wondered whether they wanted me send the money back. Even worse, why would they want me to return everything that I had received from everyone else? Sounded like a miserable thing to wish someone for their birthday if you ask me!

And then I consoled myself with the thought that perhaps the phrase originated from Aborigines and the fact that there is always much happiness when one threw a boomerang and it returned effortlessly to the thrower's hand. After all, I had heard that boomerang catching was a tricky business. Needless to say, I held on to the money and every other gift that I received for my birthday albeit with a sense of how inscrutable Australian phrases and customs were.

Many happy returns, Mum!

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By the way, I didn't send this card to my mum - rather I made a card for her using "Summer by the Sea" and didn't take a photo of it in my haste to make sure that she received it in time. Just-too-busy-ber, may you know what it's like to be you! Er... ie too busy!


Louise said...

LOL, "Many Happy Returns" is an odd expression Lin Mei - I also never understood it as a child (or adult for that matter).

Happy birthday to your Mum! How could it not be, with such a happy card?

Lin Mei said...

Hey Louise! Thank you for the kind birthday wishes to my Mum - I'll definitely let her know. As for the phrase, I was finally put out of my misery after Googling it yesterday :)

Belle said...

Nice card, Lin Mei. I love the bright colours and faux stitching. Hope your mum had a nice bday and enjoyed both cards. PS: Many happy returns to you, too!

Sue M said...

Love the card Lin Mei - those flowers look so bright and colourful. Wishing your mum all the best for her birthday!
And love your name for December - so true! I can only manage thinking half a day ahead at a time or it gets a bit 'aagghh' thinking of all the things to get done! Cheers, Sue

Lin Mei said...

Hey Belle! Thanks on behalf of my mum and many happy returns to your Auntie I. As for mine, I have a few days of clinging to my current age yet ... 'tis futile, I know :(

Lin Mei said...

Thank you, Sue! It does get a little overwhelming sometimes, doesn't it? Once in a while, I stop for a minute and just breathe - the only consolation is that it mostly good busy, yes?

Marcia P said...

Gorgeous substitute card Lin Mei, love the bright and cheeriness it breathes.

Hope your mum had a great day. Being someone with a birthday so close to Christmas also, it can be easy to be swept up on the events of December - great that you keep your mums birthday a special event!

:) Marcia