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Monday, February 2, 2009


My name is Lin Mei and I am an embellishmenthoarderholic.

I'd join Embellishmenthoarderholics Anonymous but they are so anonymous that I can't locate them. Nope - not listed in the Yellow Pages, not hiding in the local Rotary Club, not even a single match returned by Google. I tried looking for them in craft forums but, to be honest, it's like looking for an AA meeting in a bar. After hearing about everyone's rave reviews of the happy hour jumbo eyelets and the amazing buzz you get from your fourth shot of Flower Fusion, it's enough to drive anyone to drink and submit that hundredth online order!

And then the waiting begins...all the items in my stash suddenly lose their lustre because something newer and shinier and eminently more desirable is heading my way. But I try to persevere with the next project to take the edge off. But that is when the real problem emerges. What can I use? Do I dare to use two out of the three 4 cm felt flowers that I have in Old Olive - what if I need two for a scrapbook page without which rhythm would be completely impossible? Should I dip into my collection of Rich Regal brads? I only have the 200 (and that is approximately!) in their unopened container - what if they are retired soon? Could I even imagine life without Rose Red round bits of metal? Aaaarrgghh!

Anyway, I came up with an idea to use some of my embellishments - I've altered my Off-the-page project using Stampin' Up! supplies2009 diary so that these embellishments can accompany me wherever I go. Also, most of the embellishments have been attached through brads ... which means that in a craft emergency, I always have the option of looting this diary! Ingenious, no?! Reusing the rub-on could prove tricky, however.

I was really happy that I got to use the boing1 in the elasticized ribbon from my precious pack of Theatre Ribbon Originals. It holds my diary closed and can be used as a bookmark in a pinch.
Arty shot gone wrongStampin' Supplies
Bali Breeze DSP

Circle Rhinestone Brads in Fire, Ice
Eastern Elegance Rub-Ons
Flower Fusion
Scallop Edge Punch
Styled Silver Hodgepodge
Theatre Ribbon Originals
White Gel Pen

The second photo was supposed to be an arty shot of the cover but as you can see the focus was not quite at the front of the picture. I'd take another shot but I am waiting for the parcel guy and that requires my full attention...*runs off to check the front door in case the order has arrived*

1. boing: elasticity. Derived from the imagined sound of pulling something rubbery


Chris Parker-Barnes said...

Hi Lin Mei
Yep, I can relate to that :) only I don't order many embellishments because I already have a stash of them, but then I don't want to use them just in case I run out, but then I don't order more because I already have heaps, but then I don't want to use them ...........sigh, life can be so challenging at times! :)
Love your diary, it's gorgeous, and of course you can drool over all those yummy embellishments whenever you want now! :)

Zarna said...

Hi my name's Zarna and I'm a Embellishment Hoarderholic...

I hit rock bottom today when I read that the ribbon I have owned for 4 months is elasticised and I didn't realise, I mean how could I?? how could I not notice something so important about something I love so dearly??
I'll tell you why, because I'm a hoarderholic!

Lin Mei said...

Hey Chris!

I am in awe - what astounding self control! I can't stop ordering the stuff even though I stopped having enough room to store more about three years ago.

As for drooling over the embellishments, I am hoping that I'll successfully hit the Flower Fusion every time so that I don't have to cover the diary with another lot of patterned paper :)

Lin Mei said...

ROFL Zarna! That is too funny!! ROFL! *gasps for air*

btw you know I am laughing with you, right?

Alana Galagher said...

I not only love your gorgeous diary, but also your sense of humour - as usual you have me in stitches :-)

Dani Fender said...

Hi my name is Danielle (yes my full name this is an official event) and I am an embellishment hoarder holic!

This is eveident by the fact that my pretties kit has more embellishments in it then when it was first purchased, My Hodgepodge Kit I got with my starter kit in Sept 07 is still basically full and I have 4 spools of ribbon and 2containers of brads that are unopened! LOL!

Man I really need to get out more!

Chris Parker-Barnes said...

Hi again, Lin Mei,
It's not so much self control, as a lack of funds to subsidise my need for more of everything!!! I am a non-working stay at home Mum with a Stampin' Up! business that is not growing as fast as my need!! What more can I say? :)
I am new to this "altering" and wondering if you would be so kind as to give me instruction on how you did your diary?

Lin Mei said...

Awww...thanks so muchly, Alana! *hug*

Hey Dani! That is so cool - your Pretties Kit has multiplied and spawned baby pretties ... speaking of babies, I hope everything is going well with your baby-to-be and you too!

Hello Chris - Ah yes! The old budget as a limiting factor problem ... I'm experiencing that biting hard recently :(

As for the diary, it is a soft cover 98c cheapie from Officeworks so it was really easy to apply the patterned paper to the top of it with double sided tape.

I trimmed the DSP to the dimensions of the cover with an extra 2 mm to the width so that there is a little bit of give along the spine. Do you see the crease near the spine? This was on the diary's original cover so I replicated the crease on the DSP there and applied DST just on the outside of it so that the DSP sits flat up until that point but then is free to move around the spine.

I attached the elasticized ribbon to the back cover with the use of rhinestone brads through jumbo eyelets - looked snazzy but is too bulky so I'd recommend some other method ... perhaps snip a slot through the ribbon to allow a jumbo eyelet shank through and Crop-A-Diling the lot?

Chris Parker-Barnes said...

Thanks for the instructions Lin Mei, it looks a lot more complicated than it really is!

Lin Mei said...

No problems, Chris! It really was easy to put together since the diary has a soft cover :)

Marcia P said...

My name is Marcia (not Marsha Marsha Marsha!) and I am a ribbon nut! I have soooo much of it and can't bear to part with any of it .... as Dr Phil keeps crowing you can't change what you won't acknowledge .... well I am in denial all the way!

(Love the diary by the way!)

Lin Mei said...

Hey Marcia! I love ribbon too! One can NEVER EVER have enough good quality ribbon...

Pam said...

That's hilarious!!! I'm referring to the "fourth shot of Flower Fusion", as well as the rest of the entry. :) I too am an embelishmenthorderwhatzimicallit. Especially if, like the in colour double stitched ribbon, it'll be retired soon! Love your blog!

Lin Mei said...

Welcome to my blog, Pam! Thank you for visiting :) By the way, Flower Fusion shots should come with a warning regarding an aftermath of furriness.

Louise said...

This is simply stunning Lin Mei! I can totally related to your stories of unopened containers because when I make a card I have to decide who is 'worthy' of my hodgepodge! I LOVE the felt fusions and so hope we have them again. I also made the little calendars like you have and they are fantastic accessories on there. I may even get to use the entire tin - there's a first time for everything!
Love your blog, will definitely be back soon.

Lin Mei said...

Welcome to my blog, Louise and thanks so muchly. I think that the hardest thing for me to dole out is the hatpin in the Pretties Kit - I'm suffering separation anxiety just thinking about it! I hope that the Felt Fusions make it into the new catalogue too...I'd have to buy a backup tin before using up the first one entirely! Your double pocket bag looks great with them on there.