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Friday, April 17, 2009

No inkling

Sometimes it is just are totally immersed in the process of manifesting that grand vision in your mind and you have no idea about the big picture you are setting in motion - the complete picture. For me, here is how it all started...

We recently had an INKlings Cyberstamp hosted by the very effervescent Dani Fender. I haven't been able to take part in a team cyberstamp for a while so I made a little commitment to do hers. One of the challenges was to make an Easter basket inspired by Makeesha Byl. Because I was too time-poor1 to follow the tutorial, I decided to use a A5 sheet that was lying around for the base and just make the rest up as I go. The grand vision that I had for this project was to use the eyelet punch to emulate the look of broderie anglaise2. I also wanted to add ribbon woven through cardstock as it reminds me of trim on pretty lingerie.

Close Up of Stampin' Up! Filigree Designer BradAs an aside, how great are the new Stampin' Up! Filigree Designer Brads? There is a little round recess in the centre of the filigree flower for a perfectly sized brad to slot in. You can use the ones included or the smallest sized circle rhinestones brads, for example. This makes the whole thing very stable (no wobbling here) once attached to a project.

The thing that did surprise me about the Filigree Designer Brads was the thickness - check it out in the close up.

Back to the saga. Once the basket was completed, I hunted around fruitlessly for some Easter eggs to fill it. Failing that, I found a box of Ferrero Rocher. As it turned out, the basket fit two chocolates abreast perfectly. Which is exactly the problem...the basket now looks like a brassiere! Waaaaaaaaaah! *sniffle* Just don't imagine tipping the Ferrero Rochers so that the labels face the front! Hey! I warned you...

Card made using Stampin' Up! supplies for INKlings ChallengeStampin' Supplies
Certainly Celery
Lavendar Lace

Baroque wheel
Fresh Cuts set
Petal Pizzazz set

Lavendar Lace
Whisper White

Certainly Celery Grosgrain
Designer Brad Filigree
Double Rectangle Punch
Eyelet Border Punch
Scallop Punch
Small Oval Punch
Stampin' Write Marker in Lavendar Lace
Whisper White Grosgrain

1. time-poor: an excuse (aka spin) for being impatient and lazy in this case.
2. Broderie Anglaise: French for "English Embroidery". It is rather ironic that a French term is used in English to describe something as English.


Sue said...

Oops no its too late - now they're tipping over. Love the basket handle - what a great idea! Cheers, Sue

Lin Mei said...

Hey Sue!

Every time I imagine those labels facing forwards, I feel like slapping a NFP (Not For Prudes) rating on the blog ... and then regretting that I didn't take notice of the rating. *grin* At least I didn't slot some money into the cleavage!

rachelcapps said...

This is too cute! Beautiful, Lin Mei :)

Makeesha Byl said...

Gorgeous Basket Lin Mei! Love the colour combo too! Love Keesh x

Kari said...

PMSL!!!! Too funny, Lin Mei! I won't be able to look at Ferrero Rochers ever again and keep a straight face!!! Love the basket, though and the handle is to move that punch higher up the wish list! :) K

Lin Mei said...

Thanks muchly, Rachel! Great to see you and your lovely cards samples at the INKlings night.

Thank you very much for the inspiration and the visit, Makeesha! A warm welcome to my blog.

Hey Kari! Thank you! In terms of the Ferrero Rochers, I am the same ... can't bring myself to look at the labels especially.

Belle said...

Hehe, I have a large box of unfinished Ferrero Rochers that I won't look at in the same way again. Shame on you, Lin Mei, for putting such thoughts into my innocent head. PS: Love the basket/brassiere.

Michelle said...

Hi Lin Mei,

When I saw the title I was wondering where you were going..and there it was ~ an FR cleveage! Too cute and almost rude! :)
See you at convention!

Lin Mei said...

Sorry and thank you, Belle! Sadly, I was aiming for demure and hit the raunchy bullseye instead! *grin*

Hey Michelle! The basket IS a an unrated blog (a craft one at that) but I have to admint that every time I look at it, I feel like laughing. Looking forward to meeting you at convention!

Chris Parker-Barnes said...

Heeeeheeeeee, but it is a very pretty brassiere! Lots of lovely lace and ribbons.
It's gorgeous Lin Mei! :)

Lin Mei said...

Thanks muchly, Chris!