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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Those Tricksy Trendy Trees

I promised my newsletter readers that I would post a tutorial this month...and boy! am I cutting it fine! But here it is.

Stampin' Up! included the very cool Trendy Trees stamp set in our Convention bags this year. Whilst this is a terrific set as it is versatile and sports a couple of great sentiments, it is also really tricky to use. This is especially true if you are a liner-upper even-spacer nut like me.

When I first used Trendy Trees, I had the following experience:
Stampin' Up! Trendy Trees foliage firstI spaced out my trees using my Stamp-A-Ma-Jig based on the foliage. I lined up the tops of the first two trees and left the rightmost one a little lower as I could play with its trunk height.
Stampin' Up! Trendy Trees foliage first with misaligned trunksThen I added the trunks using my SAMJ and...Wha? The trunks are all over the place instead of being lined up. That just won't do! I'll have to line up the trunks instead!
Stampin' Up! Trendy Trees trunks firstI drew a line so that there'd be no mistake in the trunks being stamped in a row and used a Stamp-A-Ma-Jig for insurance. Admiring the neatly spaced tree trunks, I felt rather chuffed.
Stampin' Up! Trendy Trees trunks first with overlapping foliageI then stamp the foliage and, to my horror, the foliage overlapped. Nooo you Tricksy Trendy Trees! May it be winter forever so that your branches remain bare and I never have to deal with this ever again! *sob*

Hmmmm... so what to do?

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