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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two Step Stamp-A-Ma-Jigging

I'm sure many of you will already use vellum sheets in place of the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig's reusable imaging sheet. Another advantage of using vellum sheets is that you can create composite images on them ... which is the answer to my Tricksy Trendy Trees troubles.

Vellum imaging sheet for foliageStamp all four foliage images on a vellum sheet.

I mark the corners of the vellum sheet with an "L" to mark the short and long sides of my Stamp-A-Ma-Jig. This informs users of the sheet as to how to orient my SAMJ in relation to the sheet.

Vellum imaging sheet for composite imageStamp the corresponding trunk in the desired position onto the vellum sheet using an imaging sheet and Stamp-A-Ma-Jig. I recommend using a lighter ink colour so that you will easily recognise that the vellum guide is for the foliage.

Foliage stamped using composite vellum guideYou can now use the vellum guide to stamp some foliage with full knowledge of where their trunks will end up when they are eventually stamped.

Completed trees all lined up and spaced evenlySo, here are all the trees complete with their trunks evenly spaced and in a straight line. Yay!


Leigh said...

Great idea. I hadn't got round to thinking this far ahead with this set.

Amy said...

Thank you for this idea! I, too, have had a hard time getting the trees to line up using the stamp a ma jig. I was thinking it was just me, glad to see it isn't :)
I tried this, and it works like a charm!

Kari said...

Too funny Lin Mei! I must admit this is why I havent' dusted off my Trendy Trees since convention because I've bene too lazy to get out the SAMJ at the same time! You've spurred me on! :)

Fiona said...

Hi Lin Mei, You have been nominated, visit my blog for more info.

i love your technique.


Lin Mei said...

Thank you muchly, Leigh. I hope it comes in handy for you.

Great to hear that it has worked for you, Amy. A warm welcome to my blog!

Hey Kari! I must get back to blog hopping again so that I can check out your upcoming Trendy Trees creations.

Hello Fiona - thanks so much for the award and I think that you don't need this technique since you have done so well without it :)

Kylie S said...

Good thinking Miss Lin Mei!! I've got some spare vellum here (somewhere), I'd best get stamping.

Lin Mei said...

Thank you, Miss Kylie!

Nerida said...

You do this so well LinMei, thanks for the demo, I have not been using my trendy trees, because I couldnt line up the trunks, even with the samj, now i have to have another play. Thanks again.

Lin Mei said...

Hello Nerida! I really hope that you've had better results using the technique. Thanks muchly for stopping by.