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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Christmas Bollywood colours

What's up with the title of this post? Sounds like a rather random amalgam of nouns, doesn't it? I suppose that is to be expected since the idea behind it is rather random - but I guess you must all be used to that by now! But, please let me explain...

For the first time in what feels like a long time, I devoted an entire night to watching TV (because "Om Shanti Om" featuring Shah Rukh Khan was showing on SBS Two) by myself (because Hubby is overseas). I'm almost a Shah Rukh Khan fangirl - except that I'm too lazy to read about his life story, I have no wall space for posters, I'm too cheap to buy most of his DVDs and I forget, by the time I go to sleep, to dream about him. Well, I did say that I was "almost" a fangirl...and I had to add the last qualifier just in case Hubby reads this.

If you clicked on the IMDB link of Shah Rukh (he and I are so on a first two names basis1), the one picture of him represents quite well how I think of him - endearing, earnest and conservatively clothed. Hey! I wasn't kidding about SRK not quite making it into my dreams. But, he is pretty spunky for someone who is in his mid-40s, don't you think? So, imagine my surprise when he appeared like this in a music sequence in the second half of the movie. "OM! Oh my Shanti oh my!" *fans self* *submerges head in a sink of cold water* *runs around the room squealing* I then had to lie down for the rest of the movie - admittedly, I was already lying on the couch for the first part of the movie but that was by choice.

So what does this have to do with anything at all? *ponders* Hmmmmmmm ... I just had to over share? *sheepish grin* That plus the fact that in one of the music sequences, Deepika Padukone was dancing around in scarves coloured just like a Christmas card I made the night before! You can see her outfit in the YouTube trailer of "Om Shanti Om" linked above (at around the 30 second mark). As expected, whilst I was excited to see the colours I had used swirling around the screen, I wasn't thinking about cards during SRK's performance. *sighs dreamily*

Oh yes! Where was I? So, here is the Christmas card:

Christmas card using Stampin' Up! suppliesStampin' Supplies
Green Galore
Pink Passion
Real Red
Silver Encore
Summer Sun
Taken with Teal
Tangerine Tango

Stamp sets:
Many Merry Messages
Tree Trimmings

Whisper White

Stampin' Write Marker in Sahara Sand
Christmas card at an angle to show Encore Silver
I included a shot of the card at an angle so that the sheen of the Encore Silver is visible. I also used a matt fixative to prevent the silver from smudging. Yet another deceptively difficult card - if only I could make cards that were deceptively simple instead!

Counting down the two days until Hubby is home *claps happily*

ETA: Just entered this card into Shelli Gardner's Stamps Ink Paper challenge. I hope the link to SRK was not too racy!

1. It's goes something like this in my head:
LMY: Hey hey Shah Rukh! How's it shakin' my man?
SRK: Hi Lin Mei! Long time no see. How come you never return my calls?

I imagine it'd go something like this in real life:
LMY: He..hello Shah Rukh!
SRK: Uh... Who are you?
LMY: Lin Mei
SRK: Er..OK. Bye Lin Mei. *snaps fingers*
*LMY gets dragged off by minders*

See - first two names basis EVERY time.


Carol Dunstan said...

thanks for the eye candy... the card is great too! And I think the fact that you had to fan yourself makes you a fan girl ;)

Leigh said...

Oh what a gorgeous Christmas card. Those colours are fantastic.

Lin Mei said...

Hey Carol! In that case, I'm definitely a fan girl now!

Hello Leigh! Thanks so muchly - oooh! That rhymed...

Marcia P said...

This is a great card Lin Mei, gorgeous colours.

:) Marcia P

Lin Mei said...

Hello Marcia! Thanks so much and I hope all is fairing well for you.