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Friday, August 14, 2009

Really bright delights

I'm gettin' old! Oh boy! was it a shock to realise that today. I treated my aunt to a Donut King buy one get one free coffee - does that technically qualify as a treat I wonder? Probably only if I nominate hers as the one that's paid for...I digress. While waiting for the milk to get hot and frothy, I had a look at the garishly iced doughnuts on offer and was struck by the thought, "How can anyone eat fluorescent blue?" I imagine a munched up portion lighting my oesophagus on its trip down to my stomach, with all and sundry privy to its illuminated descent...I have to confess to shuddering a little bit at the thought. Nothing that incandescent could be harmless to the human body - no wonder little children become hyperactive after consuming this sort of food colouring: all that excess brightness has to be converted somehow (basic case of conservation of energy). Anyway, it didn't seem too long ago when such colourful doughnuts would have been a siren song to lure me into throwing myself at the unyielding rocks of my parents' legs begging for two or three or more (in all different colours because at that age, every colour is a different flavour ... which is why hundreds and thousands are the ultimate gourmet delight for kids). Now that I am getting old, I think you'd have to be nuts to want that kind of dough. *sigh*

On the subject of brightly coloured, please dust off your favourite eclipse viewing technique for the following card. I thought that it was time to be bold and use my stash of Only Orange...I have to say that I think "Only Orange" is a bit of a misnomer - as in whatdyamean it's ONLY orange? It's an in-your-face RETINA-MELTING orange. If you ask me, it'd be more appropriately descriptive as "Over-the-top Orange" or "Outrageously Orange". *folds arms stubbornly* Anyway, I matched it up with some Bravo Burgundy because I needed a bit of bravado to use Outrageously Orange for a Spring Mini swap. In the end, I think that I liked it.

Card made using Stampin' Up! supplies from Spring Mini 2009Stampin' Supplies
Bravo Burgundy
Only Orange
Real Red
Tangerine Tango
Whisper White Craft

Stamp sets:
Oval All
Simply Said

Bravo Burgundy Textured
Only Orange
Whisper White

Aqua Painter
Bravo Burgundy Grograin Ribbon
Heat Tool
Scallop Oval Punch
White Embossing Powder

A tip with stamping on Only Orange cardstock - test your dye ink on some scrap cardstock first as some colours can look surprisingly dark or dirty on it.

PS. I left the post date as the date I started this post since it does mention "today" BUT it has only just been published - two weeks later. Oh the shame!


Carol Dunstan said...

that does not look like Bravo Burgundy, it looks too good!!! LOL. I do thinkt he Burgundy ribbon is gorgeous, but the cardstock seems to have a slightly brown quality to it that always seems to make it hard for me to use. This card is stunning though and I may just have to tackle this colour combo myself... but I suspect you making those colours look good together was a fluke!!!

Lin Mei said...

Hey Carol! Thanks so much, I think *grin* You are right about Bravo Burgundy having a browner cast to it ... this picture is a little brighter and redder than the original but with different gammas on people's screens and lighting conditions during the snapping of the photo, colour fidelity is a lost cause! That said, I do think that Only Orange brings out the richness in Bravo Burgundy, which normally leaves me at a loss too.

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Lin Mei, I do so love reading your musings about 42 (life, the universe and everything). Its the highlight of my very ordinary day. Your Outrageously Orange card inspires me to give it a go, though I don't know that I'll have your success! Divine!

Lin Mei said...

Hello Ryn! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment which has been the highlight of my day. *hug* As for an Outrageously Orange card, I know yours will be amazing :)

Leigh said...

I laughed when I read your post Lin Mei. So true. Love your card too.

Lin Mei said...

Thanks muchly, Leigh! I love your super cute reindeer card - wood looks so real.

Ruth Bradford said...

Hi Lin Mei, You really make me laugh. I am sitting here laughing at my computer (well, not really at it, at you...). Is this the card you were talking about on the team weekend? It's great- not what I had imagined at all!!! But like Carol, I think it was a fluke that the colours look good together. I challenge you to do it again ;)

Lin Mei said...

Hey there Ruth! Yes - it is the one I was talking about at the team weekend *beam happily*

As for putting Bravo Burgundy and Only *roll eyes* Orange together again, maybe in November when Clare has her Cyberstamp and she promised to use it ... it'll give my retinas a chance to regenerate.

Oh! And a really warm welcome to my blog.