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Monday, February 1, 2010

Goodness! It's February already!

Oh no! This blog has no entries for January 2010. I can imagine in the far distant future, in a dark post-apocalyptic setting where people will be using stamp pads for make-up and wooden stamp blocks for firewood, a copy of this blog will be discovered by the accidental activation of back-up server in a mostly destroyed Google disaster recovery centre. People will only find fragments of this blog from 2010 and incorrectly deduce that there are only 11 months in a calendar year - all because of me!

Totally unlikely, hey? SIF1 anyone would burn their stamps...

I have been very badly distracted during January (that's right, people from the future - we have 12 calendar months). After the pre-Christmas creative binge, I fell back into an old love-hate relationship that I have with a PC game called Counter-Strike: Source. Mainly played by male gamers, a CSS session is usually fuelled by huge doses of testosterone (and hence, swagger, swearing and raging) - so much so that I'm really starting to miss genteel female company! To try to get back into the crafty swing of things, I took part in this month's INKlings Cyberstamp hosted by my upline, the wonderful Jayne Mercer. Her first challenge was to create a flower using punches.

Card made using Stampin' Up! SuppiesStampin' Supplies
Kiwi Kiss
Riding Hood Red

Stamp sets:
Stem Sayings

Sweet Nothings Simply Scrappin' Kit
Whisper White CS

Butterfly Punch
Heart to Heart Punch
Trio Flower Punch

Having not made anything in a rather long while, I really struggled to appreciate the aesthetics of this card when I finished it. Is it good, bad or just ... as CSSer's would say... meh?

1. SIF: CSS for "as if". As in, SIF you headshot me while blinded


Louise Sutton said...

SIF your creations could be bad or "Meh"! It is gorgeous!

Ruth said...

Glad you are bcak on line ! I really like this card, you are to hard on yourself ! It is not a "meh "

Lin Mei said...

Thanks so much, Louise! You've really got the leet (L337)-speak down pat *grin*

Lin Mei said...

Hey there Ruth! I'm glad you like it - may turn up at one of our classes...

Nerida said...

I think your flowers are very creative, as always. Clean and crisp design.

Lee said...

Your flower punch card is very lovely and feminine. I always enjoy your posts, but especially smiled at this one! I'm glad I'm not the only one who occasionally wonders what future generations (or invading aliens, lol) will think of these snapshots of our lives!

Michelle said...

LOL! Great to see you back in blogland. From there it's a shorter leap back to paper and stamps at least!

I'm another one who often ponders what on earth the "Time Team" archaeologists of the future will make of the stuff we leave all over the place. Hmmm?

Love the crisp clean style of your flower punch card, looks like a sweet pea flower :)

Sue Madex said...

Gorgeous feminine card (and no testosterone in sight!!) Cheers, Sue

Anonymous said...

This card is beautiful.