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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Early spring clean?

This poor blog is full of dust - I really have neglected it for too long. *attempt to dust corner* *choke* *cough* *comes out looking like a battered fish ready for the fryer* I have a litany of excuses to trot out but who has the time and inclination to read them all?

But I do feel the need to share the following. Three weeks ago, on greeting my most adults, I got the raw end of the exchange with my little nephew: I gave him two Disney DVDs and he gave me a virus-laden kiss. So, after that, I spent most of my visit in Perth at my parents' and my sister's houses watching the Olympics, or watching my nephew, hoping that my cough would go so that I could have a coffee in good company in the sunshine. No such luck, though, as my chest only cleared on the day I boarded the plane back to Sydney *sigh* Nevermind - I, at least, have a few fun nephew stories to share in the next few posts.

One of the good things about the Perth visit was that I was just in time to wish my sister a happy birthday over Peking Duck. I thought long and hard about what card to make for her and ended up using my new favourite stamp set "Summer by the Sea":
Ai Mei's Birthday Card using Stampin' Up! suppliesStampin' Supplies
Lovely Lilac
Passion Pink

Circle of Friendship set
French Flair (retired)
Summer by the Sea set

Certainly Celery
Lovely Lilac

1" Circle Punch
Certainly Celery Grosgrain Ribbon
Cutter Kit
Pretties Kit
Styled Silver Hodgepodge Hardware
Watercolor Crayons in Bold Brights

This card makes me think of my sister's inner child and wishes that she would let her out a little bit more often. Sometimes there's just too much responsibility in being an adult! Speaking of which ... I'd better submit this and catch up with my backlog of mail and e-mails as a precursor to a Spring clean.


Sue Madex said...

Welcome back Lin Mei! Nice to have you back in blogland. Looking forward to the cute nephew stories. Cheers, Sue

Lin Mei said...

Thanks so much, Sue! Congratulations on your Aussie Scrapbooking gig! How fabulous and much deserved! I hope that you have as fantastic a time writing and creating for it as we do in reading your posts and admiring your work.

Michelle said...

Welcome back Lin Mei! Sorry to hear you got the dreaded bug over there - hey!!! was it YOU who was responsible for bringing it back over east???!! It's horrible, as I have experienced over the past week.

Anyway, love your Summer by the Sea card, and thats one nice bow there! Looking forward to seeing more :)

Sharon said...

Lin Mei, your colouring is just wonderful.

Lin Mei said...

Hey Michelle! Great to see you here!

The bug is horrible but I only touched down in Sydney on Tuesday night. So, if you take into account a short gestation period and a couple of degrees of separation to reach you, it couldn't have been me...That's my alibi and I'm sticking to it! *cough*

Lovely Zindorf and Carolyn was my quizmate at the retreat :)

Lin Mei said...

Thank you, Sharon! Speaking of watercolouring, how beautiful are these?

Dani Fender said...

That ribbon is tied just so perfectly!! I'm mesmirised by it! lol! So pretty!

Welcome back to sydney! It's nice to have you back!

I gave you a blog award by the way. See my blog for more details!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lin Mei, you're back! Yay! Have missed seeing your beautiful work.

Not good to hear that our Perth hospitality wasn't quite up to scratch!! Look after yourself.

Great card, like everyone else, love your colouring!

:) Marcia

Lin Mei said...

Hey Dani! Thanks so much for the grovy award and your visit - I'm sorry for having fallen so far behind in things. I have a couple of swaps to finish (one of them I shouldn't be admitting that I am still doing! You know the one...) but then I'll be online again!

Lin Mei said...

Hello Marcia! You know, I was secretly hoping that I would recover from my cough so that I could invite you out for a coffee. But it was not to be :( My family took really great care of me and the Olympics were excellent so I'm not complaining about my stay...just my health!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lin Mei, we had (and still do!) have the 'cough' here. Nasty one, wish Perth would decide if it is spring or winter and then so many people would not be sharing their bugs!!!!

Coffee would have been great, guess I will just have to come to you next time!


Joanna Wassens said...

Great card Lin Mei. Glad to have you back. I hope your cough is gone soon.

Margaret L Crawford said...

Another lovely card Lin Mei, love the reference to the 'inner child' I really believe we all have one and we should let it out whenever we can. Hint my birthday is the last month of year (and I will still be in China).....only joking, that was my 'inner child' writing.

Lin Mei said...

Hey Marcia! The weather has been a little up and down in Sydney too - it has freshened up the coughs of the two .. um ... coughers in this household. miss out on coffee due to being a cough-ee. Anyway, Marcia, would love it if you visited Sydney and we'd share some java one day.

Lin Mei said...

Hello Jo! You lucky Palm Cover, you! Great to read that you had a wonderful time with Jayne on the incentive trip and talk about swap heaven...

Lin Mei said...

A really warm welcome to my blog, Margaret! My inner child is still glowing from meeting you at the INKlings camp :)

Our birthdays are only a week apart! So I've put yours into my calendar. Have a great time in China - has the post Olympics buzz died down yet?