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Sunday, August 10, 2008


I am going to be MIa (Missing/Inactive) quite a bit over the next couple of weeks while I am staying in Perth. After loading up my suitcase with 19.5kg of Stampin' Up! stuff (0.5kg remaining for...ummm...delicates and my camera) and 8.5kg of more Stampin' Up! stuff as carry on (yep! Got threatened with an overweight carry on fee by airline staff - quite understandably), I forgot to bring the USB cable for downloading images from my camera! *sigh* So, no pictures for this blog for a while.

I suppose that the fact that I brought my filled Aquapainters and watercolour pencils AND crayons onboard to keep me amused for the flight but left my pre-stamped images was a sign of things to come. I could have recovered from this oversight as I had my StazOn and stamps with me except that I didn't bring any paper! No watercolor paper, no Whisper White, no Very Vanilla ... not even a piece of scrap.

I examined every page of the inflight magazine for a page intentionally left blank but, as you can imagine, advertising space is at a premium. Contemplated using the serviette that came with my meal but had to use it as a serviette - Hubby will attest to me being a messy eater. I seriously considered using the airsickness bag out of desperation since StazOn is supposed to work on shiny surfaces but decided that it was too waxy to watercolour in any case (plus it would have been a constant reminder as to its original purpose). I was comprehensively thwarted!

I guess I will have to console myself with spending more time with my too cute nephew. He is too cute because when you look at him, you just want to hug the stuffing out of him but, when you approach him to do so, he shouts "GO AWAY!" Story of this trip so far, really.


Sue M said...

Hi Lin Mei, Was wondering where you had gotten to. Happy travels and have fun with your nephew!
Cheers, Sue

Dani Fender said...

Oh Lin Mei your stories always make me laugh!! I've done stuff like that and I'm a messy eater! Yay! I am normal! Have a great trip hope to see my pretty projects soon!


Joanna Wassens said...

You are too funny Lin Mei! I hope you and hubby have a fantastic time in Perth. I look forward to lots of piccys on your return.


Belle said...

Missing you already, Lin Mei! There is an article in Grazia about the great shops in Perth - hope you get a chance to visit them...(between stamping, that is).

Anonymous said...

John should be home now, as should you! We had a great time with him here. He told us about all you took with you to Perth-everyting crafty! Can't wait to see what you have been up to. Hope to talk to you soon...we have sonograms to share!

Lin Mei said...

Hello Sue, Dani, Jo and belle

Thanks as ever for your lovely wishes and comments. Sorry I have been AWOL and, as a consequence, so unresponsive! Really looking foward to catching up with your blogs now.

Lin Mei said...

Hey Melina

I'm looking forward to seeing your tiny one! Such great news *hugs*

John is very impressed with your discerning purchases btw. The first time that we went shopping after we both returned, he went looking for the shower gel that dispenses as a mousse that he loved at your place. Poor thing was disappointed when we couldn't find such an item at the stores - we probably don't have it in Oz yet!

Eat well and treat yourself to some meat :) You're sooo good!