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Monday, October 20, 2008

The same outfit

Have you ever turned up to an event and sported the same dress or outfit as someone else? People in uniform, of course, are excluded from this discussion! I am also sure that men do this all the time but probably don't even notice.

My first experience of this was as a university student doing Industrial Training. I remember being completely thrilled that I could buy a smart, partially lined cream jacket with contrasting navy buttons for only $49 (as a poor student, financing a formal work wardrobe was a bit of a burden). The very next day, I sashayed into the office with my brand new outfit and lo! one of the managers was wearing the same styled jacket in the same colour as mine. Like mirrored images, we looked at each other's clothes then each other's faces, turned red and returned the way we came. Synchronised shame - it should be made into an Olympic sport ... then I wouldn't still be feeling mortified in merely recounting this event! Anyway, we spent the rest of the day trying to look around corners to avoid being in the same room or corridor as each other and I don't think that I ever wore that jacket to that workplace again. I might have even burned it - just kidding...I was a poor Uni student, after all!

Well, I am feeling a little this way again today. On uploading my card made for Krafty Kylie's sketch challenge combined with Christmas colours for her colour challenge, I spotted this card on Ryemilan's Stamping & Scrapbooking. Our supply lists would be practically identical. Sorry, Sam - I promise I didn't copy it!

Sketch and colour challenge using Stampin' Up! suppliesStampin' Supplies
Mellow Moss
Old Olive
Real Red
Sahara Sand

Stamp sets:
Big Bold Birthday
Occasional Greetings

Dashing DSP
Old Olive CS
Real Red CS
Very Vanilla CS

1 1/4" Circle Punch
Gold Embossing Powder
Heat Tool
Red Gingham Ribbon
Stampin' Dimensional

I'll just end here with: Big Bold Birthday is 20% off for this month with a $20 purchase and you can use it for Christmas cards too (as Sam and I agree).


Zarna said...

I had a friend at school that we used to have that happen to us every school social!
It started where we turned up wearing the exact same pair of jeans and a different t-shirt, however the t-shirts were the same 2 t-shirts that were featured on a poster at target (where we both worked at the time)
Next time we turned up wearing the exact same top but mine was the purple and hers was the red, our pants were also the same but she was wearing bone colour and i was wearing black.
Next school social we decided that we were sick of it and agreed before hand what each of us would be wearing, then seperately we both decided that since we knew what the other person was wearing it would be safe to change our minds and we both turned up wearing black halter neck dresses!!!
After that we decided we must both have good taste (although I'd say it had something to do with being poor year 10 students and getting staff discount in the same shop) and just decided that we would ignore it.
It has happened a few times since but nothing as dramatic as the first 3 times

Ryemilan said...

Hey Lin Mei...(peeking around the corner here) know what they say about great minds :-).

I love your card! Embossing the ribbons is a great idea, I disliked how some of mine kinda got lost in the background paper.

All the best,

Lin Mei said...

Hey Zarna! Your school social scenario - doh! But, I'd agree that having the great taste and access to the same resources is comforting. You guys should have just bought one item and shared it - that way, you'd never wear the same thing AND you'd have twice the number of outfits. Have a lovely week, Zarna!

Lin Mei said...

Hey Sam! I love your use of DSP for the little packages (and the square punch) - I was going to do the same but lucky I only did it for my little hatbox or our cards would really be twins. Your ribbon looks great as it is! *ducks back around corner*

Belle said...

hi lin mei - your post brought back horrifying memories of all the times it has happened to me. And men rarely feel the same way - in fact they are relieved when they spot someone else in the same outfit. But, back to stamping, and I love the merry colours of your card, especially the fine gold embossing.

Lin Mei said...

Hi belle! Yes! When I think of such times, I get a queasy sensation in my tummy. As for men, they must feel like they have dressed appropriately when they spot someone else in the same attire, huh? *grin* Are you trying out the noodle markets in Hyde Park, btw?

Dani Fender said...

Hi Lin Mei, This has happened to me but I'm not all that embarrassed by it. It hasn't happened at work though but I would be surprised if it did as most people at work think i'm a dag trying to dress office like, and they are dead right! lol

Great card! I thought i was on the wrong blog for a second though :P hehe!

Chris Parker-Barnes said...

Hi Lin Mei
Here is someone else ducking around corners, LOL. Mine is not quite the same but we are obviously on the same wave length again :)

Lin Mei said...

:p Dani! *giggle* You're so cheeky!

Lin Mei said...

Hi Chris! I just had a look at your Christmas cards and they are such an effective use of the Dashing DSP! The designs are great.

Sue M said...

Love the embossed ribbons! (And the jacket story!) Cheers, Sue

Lin Mei said...

Thanks so muchly, Sue!