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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Container challenge

Continuing on the INKlings May cyberstamp, the third challenge was a One Sheet Box by the inventive Beate Johns. Just to confuse things, I made this project second. Actually, the reason I left the first challenge for last is that I still have to find some photos for a scrapbook layout. Anyway, here's my attempt:
Stampin' Supplies
Close to Cocoa
Purely Pomegranate

Artfully Asian set
Boho Backgrounds set
Carte Postale set
En Français background

Close to Cocoa
Purely Pomegranate
River Rock
Very Vanilla

Antique Brass Hodgepodge
Purely Pomegranate Double-Stitched Grosgrain
Scallop Punch
Very Vanilla Grosgrain

The real challenge, imho, is in coming up with an appropriate name for this container. I mean, is it a box or a bag? Since it seems to be a cross between the two, should it called a bax or a bog? Well, since bog is already taken, I bags1 bax. But bax sounds like "backs" and could lead to confusing craft conversations such as -

Lin Mei: Hey, how did you make your bax?
Buffy: Huh? I only have one back and I certainly didn't make it.

Lin Mei: Excuse me, would you please pass my red bax from over there?
Miss Muffet: Are you nuts? I'm not touching any spiders2, especially poisonous ones!

Lin Mei: Holy aadvark snacks, Batman! There are ants all over your bax!
Batman & Robin: *trying to look at backs whilst flicking off imagined insects* Wha...where?

Lin Mei: Oooh, girlfriend! Your bax side is just amazing.
Beyoncé: *slap* Stop that, you perv!

I think I'll just stick to calling it a container for the moment.

1. Bags - Australian and British slang for laying claim to something first.
2. Redbacks - Dangerous spiders native to Australia. Scary looking too! Although their colour combination is particularly striking...


Kylie S said...

ROFLOL I just love reading your posts Lin Mei! You already know I think your box is a work of art - gorgeous.

Lin Mei said...

Heya Kylie! Thanks so much and you already know how much I admire yours - does that count as us patting each other's bax?

Holy bad nom de plumes! I just noticed that my little joke with Jo Wassens is following me everywhere and it has made it to your blog too. Sorry Kylie!

Marcia said...

Love how this turned out Lin Mei! Gorgeous!

Lin Mei said...

Hi Marcia! Thanks muchly - and also many thanks for your incredibly generous post on your blog...I was so excited about your card that I forgot to include my thanks in the comments.

Dani Fender said...

Stunning bax Lin Mei!

You make me laugh so hard. You have a great imagination.


Lin Mei said...

Hello Dani! Thank you very muchly for letting me know - warms the cockles of my heart that it made you laugh :)

Michelle said...

Hi Lin Mei, I love your blog, your work, your sense of humour. I have been meaning to tell you for ages! Thanks for the inpsiration!

Lin Mei said...

Welcome to my blog, Michelle! Thank you for your kind and generous comments. It so happens that I was admiring your card the other night but because it was past 2am I thought I had better only post a comment when I was really awake - the card is so adorable! Everyone, go check it out.

Alana Galagher - Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator said...

Ahh Lin Mei - I love reading your blog & not just for the giggles, your work is gorgeous too! Can't wait to hopefully meet you IRL oneday :-)

Lin Mei said...

Gosh, Alana! Thanks so much for visiting and giving me such a wonderful feeling - in fact, this post has had some of the loveliest comments I could hope for. I still think I have so much further to go when I see this. We were all oohing and ahhing over your ATC at Jayne's training today.

I was hoping that you'd be coming to Jayne's weekend away but I didn't see your name on the list :( Definitely would be great to meet you! But my standard warning is that I'm not that funny in person...

Deanne said...

This is just beautiful Lin Mei! You've inspired me to use my Carte Postale set again :)

Lin Mei said...

Hi Deanne! Great to see you here :) Thank you muchly for popping in and saying hi ... Carte Postale is lovely and versatile. Since I've only got a few stamps sets from the new catalogue so far, it has been one of the stamps sets that I reach for the most.

I love what you have done with your palette o' prints. Some lovely stamp sets in those pictures too!

Lin Mei said...

My humble apologies to Michelle above - who had the awkward duty of informing me that the card I complimented her on was actually not hers (it was definitely attributed to the appropriate source on her site).

I'm so very sorry Michelle! Everyone, go see this card instead. It is even prettier!

kari said...

ROFLMAO!!! Lin Mei you are so funny! thankyou for making me laugh and for showing us your beautiful Bax!

Lin Mei said...

Hi Kari! Glad to hear that I've brought you some cheer - I hope that you recover from your tonsilitis immediately. I've been missing your updates.

Joe Gelb said...


Lin Mei said...

Hello Joe! Thank you but can I interest you in some card making? :)

Sue said...

Lin Mei - Only just came across your blog and have spent half the morning reading it back to Jan with a big smile on the dial - just LOVE your writing and your creations! Can you come over now and do my dishes :-) which is what I originally had on my list for the morning. (This was much more fun though!)

Lin Mei said...

A warm welcome, Sue! I reckon anything on the internet is better than dishwashing. Hubby usually does ours but if you can teleport your dishes over here, I'd do them for you ;) I hope you have something lovely lined up for after the dishes.

Lin Mei said...

Gah! I've had so little time online lately that I didn't get to devote much time to enjoying Sue Madex's lovely blog until now. So, everyone, check out her gorgeous beaded card.