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Monday, May 12, 2008

Hubby's first kissCASE

I'm very excited to announce this blog's first guest surprise crafter! He is a guest surprise crafter, as opposed to the surprise guest crafter I had intimated previously, because I'm really surprised that he's crafting. Of course, he is none other than my beloved hubby. As he commented on the Mum and PoPs post, he tried CASEing that card and his mum was understandably thrilled with the result. Without further ado:

Stampin' Supplies
Groovy Guava

Bud Basics set
Occasional Greetings set

Groovy Guava cardstock
So Saffron Prints DSP Sampler
Tempting Turquoise cardstock
Whisper White cardstock

Scallop punch
White Grosgrain ribbon

Hubby also likes my Cuttlebug and he used it with a Stylized Flowers embossing folder and a Quickutz Flower Arrangements die. Lovely, isn't it? Well done, sweetie!

Now the thing I really want to know is this: he made his first card ever for his mother - should I be:
a. worried,
b. jealous,
c. insecure, or
d. all of the above.

The following card is one that I made for my wonderful long-suffering aunt, who has to put up with hubby and me on a daily basis. Thank goodness she has bingo to keep her sane!
Stampin' Supplies
Chocolate Chip
Groovy Guava
Stamp Sets:
Friendship Blooms
Occasional Greetings
Groovy Guava CS
So Saffron Prints DSP Sampler
Whisper White CS
Chocolate Grosgrain ribbon

A Fiskars Elegant Fountain Embossing Border Punch was responsible for the pretty border.


Marcia said...

Lin, he's done a great job. I can't see my hubby doing this. It's great he shares your vision.

Lin Mei said...

Hello Marcia! I sometimes suspect that hubby has a little gay in him but we just call it his feminine side. But, I'll make sure he reads your lovely feedback :)

Anonymous said...

Go hubby! You've got the gift :) Well done. I bet your mum loved the card :) I also love the card for your Aunt, Lin Mei!

Lin Mei said...

Thanks so much, Rachel! You are so kind. I'm sure hubby will be chuffed - I know I am!

Hubby said...

I call it the yin in me ;-)

Thanks Marcia and Rachel !

I tried making a Mother's Day card last year but got too ambitious - half finished it but never gave it to Mum. This time she got a card and was very happy with it.

Of course I wouldn't have been able to do it without my wife's great tutelage and patience.

Belle said...

Hi John, You are certainly giving Lin Mei a run for her money. Do you think you'll take up cardmaking full time?
Lin Mei, your card is nice too!

Lin Mei said...

Awwww, Belle! Please don't put such thoughts into Hubby's head. I don't want to be the one returning to a job in IT with him having all the fun of being a SU! demonstrator.

Hubby said...

Thanks Belle :-)
I'll probably make cards for family birthdays - luckily I can draw on Lin Mei's experience (and tools) when the time comes.

Kari said...

Hey Lin Mei, this is great - now all you have to do is convince your hubby of which stampsets/tools he needs and then you can borrow them!! He could become your best customer!
Great cards guys!

Lin Mei said...

Great idea, Kari, except Hubby pre-empted such thoughts when he declared he will draw on my tools! Drats and double drats! He has, however, promised me an allowance once he is gainfully employed - I'd be happy with that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, John did a great job on that Mother's Day Card. It is kind of retro-looking, the color scheme and all. I hate it when I show something to Jason and he does a really great job! But, alas, you are a tough act to follow! I will keep checking in to see how you go, what gorgeous work! And, my answer to you query: all of the above!

Lin Mei said...

Hey Melina! So happy to see you here again. I hope that all is going wonderfully for you. I laughed out loud when you agreed with (d) all of the above. As for John's cards, if I get too jealous of his creations, I'll have to spill some ink on them ... Yes, John, I know you are reading this - you can take it as a warning! *laugh maniacally* Oh ... am I still on my blog ?

Hubby said...

Kari - actually I have already bought a stamp set that Lin Mei has used but I haven't.

Melina - thanks for the very kind words ! This craft is a good way to make cards - I tried hand-drawing something last Mothers Day but it looked crap.

Lin Mei - you are evil - I like this aspect of you ! I look forward to ink spill on my next card.

Dani Fender said...

Hi Hubby and Lin mei!!

It's funny you mention the mother's day card thing. I was trying very hard to get my boyfriend to make his mother a card rather than me and lets just say he sat down for about 20 minutes ummed and arred and asked my opinion 20 times and then got up and left me to finish. So I must say Hubby... You did a great job, beautiful colours!

You shouldn't be jealous or concerned Lin Mei I think it's beautiful your husband is sharing your hobby.


Lin Mei said...

Hey Dani! You did well to coax your boyfriend to keep at it for 20 minutes. Wait for him to add a few years to his age and he may start cards that he finishes. Men can be restless when they are younger. As for hubby, I just like to kid around with him - I love him to bits and I love that he can devote himself to making cards...very nice ones, at that!