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Friday, June 6, 2008

Capture some texture

There's nothing quite like the touch of texture to add interest to life and, more importantly, cards. I've exaggerated my priorities a little *grin* I love the feel of clean flannel sheets during winter - the softness of the brushed fibres accompanied by its warm embrace as soon as I slide into bed. Aaahh! Instant comfort! ZZzzzzzz... *hubby nudges me to stop snoring* Doh! I'm awake again - probably a good thing since I haven't finished this post.

I've made the following card for the June INKlings Cybercrop, this time hosted by the Queen of Purple, Carol Dunstan. She posted a colour challenge first and it comprised Basic Black, Brocade Blue, Perfect Plum, Tempting Turquoise and Very Vanilla. I used some Stampin' Up! textured cardstock for the very first time and wonder why I waited so long to do so. Then I remember my tendency to hoard and try to forgive and kick myself simultaneously. It is a rather tricky combination to execute successfully, to be honest.

Stampin' Supplies
Basic Black
Brocade Blue
Perfect Plum
Tempting Turquoise

Carte Postale set
Mostly Flowers set

Basic Black
Brocade Blue
Perfect Plum Textured
Very Vanilla

Pewter Hodgepodge Hardware
Very Vanilla Grosgrain

Don't you think the textured cardstock just adds that something extra? *pssst* Say yes.

What are the textures that you love most? Please share with us in the comments, if you are willing of course!

PS: Many thanks to Marcia for reminding me to indicate that it was a colour challenge! I do hope you get much better soon, Marcia.


sarah_j_k said...

Lin Mei, your layers are so PERFECT! Beautiful card :)

Marcia said...

Love the colours in this card Lin Mei, they work well together. The layout looks like it took you some time!

Textures I love the most? Leather, love the smell and feel.

Lin Mei said...

Hello Sarah and thanks so muchly! I was really moved by your heartfelt post dedicated to your daughter's fifth birthday. Congratulations on such a gorgeous daughter - and the card you made for her is wondeful too!

Lin Mei said...

Hey Marcia! So sorry to hear that you have bronchitis. I'm amazed that you came up with such a great energetic card while still ill. And your comment is so timely - mine was a colour challenge so I can't take credit for the colour combination...will update my post to reflect this fact.

Ooooh! Leather...I love it most when it is soft and supple nappa. Great choice.

Sue M said...

Love the card Lin Mei, especially how you used the stamped flower bit under that hodgepodge frame. For favourite textures I can't go past baby skin. My Jack is nearly 2 but he still has that nice soft skin - great for snuggles.

Carol Dunstan said...

wow, I love this card, the colours work effortlessly!

As for favourite texture, mine is probably velvet... silk velvet really, but anything soft and fuzz I can make do with. Only problem is I do have a problem with hording velvet ribbon...

Lin Mei said...

Thanks muchly, Sue. Ooooh! Babies' skin - that is very soft. Mmmmm...I love how babies smell, as well. This is making me miss my nephew *sigh*

Lin Mei said...

Welcome Carol as my featured card-making guru! Thank you for your blessing and your choice of silk velvet is very luxurious. As for hoarding silk ribbon, why on earth would you not? Hoarding least on this blog!

Although, I have to say that I love looking at cards which do make use of the good stuff (cardwatchers, make the most of this sighting of the rare Ribbon Original out of captivity).

Kari said...

Gorgeous card Lin Mei! You are so good at all the precise paper piecing! I bow to the master!
Textures, well I have to agree with Sue, kissing my little boys cheek - when he is still long enough - is just about as good as it can get for me! Soft and cute at the same time!

Lin Mei said...

Thank you, Grasshopper. *bow* If you lean closer so that I may impart some wisdom in my failing voice, the key to straight cuts is a clear mind and a good square punch. *grin* Actually, I still rely on my guillotine but two square punches are on my wishlist.

Glad to hear your little boy is your joy, Kari. Two votes for bubs. I imagine this one will win hands down :)

Anonymous said...

Stunning card, Lin Mei! I admire your work so much! The colours are fab on this card and that perfect plum textured cardstock is so yummy!

Belle said...

Ooh, I love purple, and this card is just so beautiful. And yes, 'the textured cardstock just adds that something extra'. *whisper: Texture is the main reason I like cuttlebug embossing!*

Lin Mei said...

Hello Rachel and, since I am a fan of your work, I'm chuffed that you like my work. Your recent creation is really lovely!

Lin Mei said...

Hey Belle! Thanks so much and I adore Cuttlebug embossing too. Sisters in purple unite! Belle made an A4 sized card using her one and only (for now) Cuttlebug folder and it is a sight to behold.