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Monday, June 9, 2008

Make love notes not war

eScape Stampin' Up! event Sydney, Australia
Did you ever send letters to those you love and wait in anticipation of its delivery and then a delighted reply in return for the connection that you maintained or re-established? I did...and sadly...was usually disappointed to find out many days/weeks later that while the missive did reach the recipients, they never bothered to let me know. This killed my desire to write letters because I never got the gratification that comes from knowing that the long letters I wrote from Uni were valued. And in the long tradition of abusees becoming abusers, I, in turn, engaged in the awful of practice of hardly ever returning the favour of a letter.

Well, now that I've faced my past, I'm ready to try again - this time without the expectation of a reply. I think that we all chronically busy and one of the greatest gifts that we can bestow to another is evidence that they are worthy of our most precious and continuously dwindling resource - our time. And it would be even more of a gift if we can give this without hoping for reciprocation ... enlightenment, anyone?

The really great thing for me now, though, is that I love making cards. So, by the time the card is put in the mail, I've already gotten something out of it. If the recipient appreciates the connection, all the more wonderful!

Would you like to try a session in the delightful craft of cardmaking? Make love notes with me on Stampin' Up!'s eScape day, June 25 at my home in Riverwood. I'll demonstrate how to make the cards above and you can play with a range of Stampin' Up! products to make 10 cards and a box custom sized to fit your new creations. And, afterwards, you may be able to bring yourself to give all the love notes away...but at least you'll have the box as a reminder.

The cost for this event is $20 and all materials are provided, as well as a selection of nibbles. Please contact me (call me on (02) 9533 3939 or e-mail me at to book as my table only fits 6 guests! I'm suggesting a tentative time of 2:30pm but this is negotiable with the first couple of people interested.


Kari said...

These look stunning, Lin Mei! Wish I could come!! ;) Hoep you have a great eScape day with lots of new friends! :) K

Lin Mei said...

I wish you could come too! Thanks so much Kari :)

Marcia said...

Wow, what a great pile of cards. Love your work Lin Mei!

Lin Mei said...

Thanks muchly, Marcia! I was thinking that it was good for your bronchitis since you can have a break due to a holiday but WA doesn't celebrate the Queen's today :( Will you be unveiling an eScape this June?

sarah_j_k said...

Lin Mei, you have become one of my FAVE bloggers in the short time since I stumbled across your blog! The combination of your beautiful work and clever, entertaining writing is such a winner :) I look forward to your name lighting up in my Google Reader!

Lin Mei said...

*blush* Awwwwww...Sarah! When I read your comment, I blushed so hard that the sides of my neck still ache. I recently received a 2 out 5 stars rating from someone anonymous for my blog and it stung (either that or I accidentally clicked on the rating stars without knowing it!). So, I'm really grateful for your amazingly generous feedback. You've made my day and night!

Sue M said...

Yep ditto that Sarah! You're a regular stop now Lin Mei on my blog lap - love your cards and your writing really brightens the day. :-)

Lin Mei said...

Oooooooh, thanks so so muchly, Sue! Your comment has given me my second neck burning blush in one night. I won't need a scarf for a while! I really appreciate the time that you take to visit my blog and your wondefully supportive feedback.