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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Posting an envelope tutorial

For those of you eagerly hoping for a tutorial on how to post an envelope, I'm sorry but this post isn't for you. But I'm sure if you asked someone at the post office they'd be willing to help you out for the price of a snicker or two. I know, they can be so mean!

Rather, I'm posting a tutorial on how to make a little envelope to house a 7.5cm square love note (such as these). It is incredibly simple - once you know it, you'll wonder why you ever had to read this tutorial in the first place!

Love Note Envelope Tutorial1. Start with a 12cm x 12cm piece of paper. A 5" square would do also.

Mark midpoints2. At the halfway point on each side of the square, mark 0.5cm (3/16") on either side of the midpoint. In other words, for a 12cm square, make a mark at 5.5cm and another at 6.5cm on each side of the square.

Make notches using a square punch3. Using a square punch, make a notch at each set of markings.

Notched square4. The notched square looks like this.

Using corner rounder5. Use a corner rounder on two diagonally opposite corners (marked in the picture by purple circles).

Score fold lines6. Score between notches using a bone folder as shown. For the lines closest to rounded corners (marked in red), score exactly along the imaginary line between the apex of the notches.

For the lines closest to the corners which have not been rounded (marked in purple), score just outside of the imaginary line between the apex of the notches. This give a better proportion to the envelope in the end.

Fold in corners7. Fold the corners, that have not been rounded, towards each other along the score lines. Use a bone folder to give a crisp finish.

Apply glue8. Apply some glue or SNAIL along the two sides of one of the rounded corners. Fold in along the score line to complete the envelope.

Completed love note envelope9. Completed envelope. Now that you know how to make them, you can decorate a square of paper before assembling as you'd get better continuity of patterns across folds.

Easier than posting an envelope, huh? In fact, you may have problems getting Australia Post to accept these envelopes since they are too small. Your best bet would be to give them in person - which, when you think about it, is the only way to deliver a love note.


Kari said...

great tutorial Lin Mei! I hadn't thought of using the punch for the notches to make it fold better, but I will now and I know it will improve my hastily folded creations!! Thanks! :) K

Lin Mei said...

Hi Kari! Thanks!

Do you have a tag punch? I'm thinking that it may be even nicer if you use the obtuse angle from the punch in place of the right angle from the square but I can't test that theory as my punch collection is rather scant.

Sue M said...

Wow - thanks heaps Lin Mei. What a great tutorial! Gotta go try that right now ....

Lin Mei said...

Hey Sue! Please let me know if you find it quick and easy too :)

I'm going to time myself the next time I do it. I think there may be efficiencies in measuring one square and punching the notches in few sheets at once.

Marcia said...

Hi Lin Mei

Great tutorial. I read it this morning and had a play this arvo. Easy to follow and create. Thanks for sharing this one.


Lin Mei said...

Hi Marcia

Very gratified to know that the envelope is easy to make for you too! The thing that I like about it is that you don't need a template and you don't have to do anything too fiddly so it should be easy to replicate many times.

Carol Dunstan said...

great tutorial, thanks for sharing it!

Lin Mei said...

My pleasure, Carol!

Ryemilan said...

Fantastic tutorial Lin Mei. Thanks so much!


Lin Mei said...

Welcome to my blog, Sam! Thank you and I hope that it comes in handy for you :)

Littlekel90 said...

Wow, great tutorial. I appreciate you taking the time to show us. I found you through my Bloggin' Sister, Marcia (TheStampSpot.typepad) Thanks so much!! :) Kelly

Lin Mei said...

Welcome to my blog, Kelly! Thank you for your comment and your gracious visit. I visit Marcia's beautiful blog regularly - she is talented and lovely too.

Diane Barnes said...

Hi Lin Mei
Sam said I had to check out your tutorial & I can have to say your idea is totally BRILLIANT. I've just made 8 envelopes & they were so easy. Thanks so much for sharing such a great idea. Best wishes, Di

Lin Mei said...

Welcome to my blog, Di! Thank you for the feedback as I'm really glad to know that you can make a few of them without it being too tiresome :) I've still yet to time myself!