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Sunday, June 1, 2008

June So Soon

I can't believe how quickly 2008 has gone by, so far. I think it's either that I've had so much fun working on my Stampin' Up! business and there has been so much to do or the older you get, the slower your senses and therefore it just seems like time goes faster - perhaps it is a bit of both...

I remember when every morning at school would drag on and on and, just when it seemed like I could wait no more, it would be morning recess. All the girls would stream out of the classrooms and queue for melted cheese buns which would sell out faster than Guitar Hero III did before Christmas - so you had to get there first unless you had inside connections such as your mum being on tuckshop duty. Another favourite was cream donuts sprinkled with sugar and accompanied by a dollop of jam. Such gourmet delights combined with a bit of shrieking, giggling and running around and the next long wait until lunch would start straight after recess.

Well, it feels like morning recess today! There are two Stampin' Up! promotions which we don't have to wait for ... the first being the eScape bundle (code: cream donuts) and the second being the Extra, Extra Hostess Promotion (code: melted cheese buns). So, check them out as they are great ways to make your next Stampin' Up! experience just that little bit more special.


Marcia said...

Hi Lin Mei, thanks for your kind words on my blog, I appreciate it. On the mend now, know how you were feeling the other week.


Lin Mei said...

Hello Marcia! Glad to hear that you are getting better - there's nothing like a bout of illness to make us realise how great it is to be healthy, huh? Snuggle up in those covers and make yourself comfy.