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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall in Spring

A rather funny thing happened this afternoon. I was out with Hubby on a pleasant bike ride, enjoying what the Bureau of Meteorology was predicting would be the last sunny day for a week, when I felt some resistance to my pedalling. This is one of those moments when time suddenly changes and everything seems to take place in slow motion. After the initial sensation, I realised with a strange sense of clarity, accompanied by no small order of dread, that my right shoelace had caught in the bike gears and that I was in trouble. So, I engaged the brakes, put my legs down to stand and felt the right shoe snag on the gears and my body tip sideways. I knew I was going to fall...and so I did. *crash*

Hubby dropped his bike, rushed over, made consoling remarks and proceeded to tie my errant shoelace after checking out the hand that I had landed on. He then undid my other shoelace and re-tied it again for added security. Isn't he wonderful?

So, here is the funny bit (finally!)...As we resumed our ride home, Hubby said he watched the incident and saw that I looked relaxed as I was falling! Relaxed?!! Woohoo! What a wholly unexpected compliment!

So, all the way home, I pictured myself taking part in a Miss Congenial Fallover competition. Judges would note "Contestant is very comfortable with unsuccessful suspension in air. Scores highly on obliviousness to impending collision." One can dream big...

I made the following card for a swap that was very ably organised by a very busy Kari. I would like to dedicate it to Hubby who definitely makes my life a beautiful thing.

Swap card featuring A Beautiful ThingStampin' Supplies
Encore® Gold
Encore® Silver
Real Red

A Beautiful Thing set

Basic Black
Naturals Ivory
Real Red

Heat Gun
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Real Red Grosgrain Ribbon
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Beth said...

What a fantastic card, Lin Mei! I hope there's no long term injuries from your fall.

Alana Galagher said...

Oh dear - hope you are OK after your fall, I also love your swap cards :-)

Lin Mei said...

Hey Beth! So pleased to see you here and I hope that you and your family are acclimatising splendidly to your newest addition. As for long-term injuries...only to my ego - then again I did plaster the indignity all over my blog :)

Lin Mei said...

Thanks so muchly, Alana! I appreciate your visit as I know you have been really busy. As for me, I'm OK - a little TLC from the Hubster made it all better :)

Belle said...

Awww, your hubby is very sweet, as are your cards. The black background really brings out the bright colours.
And, speaking of falls from bikes, did you know that it can take a guinea pig up to a day to react to a hit to the head? Thank goodness you aren't a guinea pig!

Lin Mei said...

Hey Belle! I did not know that amazing fact - it would make it really difficult to hunt down a guinea pig assassin if they chose that as their MO.

Caroline Colgan said...

You should write a book!!! Or maybe you have - if so I want to buy it!! Sorry but your bike fall is the funniest blog entry I have read for ...well, ever!!
Oh & your cards are great too!!

Lin Mei said...

A warm welcome, Caroline. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading about the fall - Hubby and I have come to the realisation that I do my best work when I suffer ... Hubby even suggested planning the odd accident so that I could get new inspiration. He quickly changed his mind when he thought about the consequences (other than the obvious whinging from me, he has a stack of rubber waiting to be trimmed because I can't do it with my Stampertitis).

Anonymous said...

Yes, very funny story, and very lovely cards. What a sweet husband you have! I had the pleasure of riding bikes with him while he was visiting Jason in Dallas. (No mishaps, luckily) We should plan a 4 person ride for our next visit. (Or maybe a 5!) Glad you are well.

Lin Mei said...

Hey Melina! I saw a little bike seat for bubs that is strapped in front of the cyclist - sounded great in that the little one has unhindered views and the parent doesn't have to worry about a baby falling out or doing something dangerous unseen.

As for Hubby - he behaved himself whilst riding?! That is good to know. When I go riding with him, he somtimes swerves around for attention and, if it has rained, he loves to ride through puddles.