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Monday, September 1, 2008

First day of Spring 2008

Blue sky, warm sun and a lizard scampering across the pavement - it is officially Spring in Sydney! I'd mention the ants and the constant hum of the washing machine but...ooooh! I just did! It is, indeed, a perfect day here for doing everything, including the laundry, and for doing nothing at all.

August completely got away from me but I'm springing into September with renewed verve and focus! So, kind and patient subscribers to my mailing list, you can expect a newsletter1 from me by the 10th of this month - or I'll personally mail you a handmade "I'm so sorry for being a lazy penguin" card. If you have not signed up, then sign up already (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). For those of you with web mail, you can subscribe by e-mailing with the subject header of Subscribe.

In terms of Stampin' Up! in September, have a look at the Free Wheelin' promotion which features a free wheel with a qualifying stamp set purchase. I love freebies!

May September grant you a spring in your step and smile on your face.

1. I can't guarantee that it'll have much in it though...


Michelle said...

LOL Lin Mei, I was just thinking yesterday that there were a lot more insects about - how do they know it's SPRING?? Hope you are fully recovered from the nasty bug, and sorry, but I've given you a award!

Lin Mei said...

Hey Michelle! It is amazing how insects seem to spring out of nowhere when the season changes. Thanks muchly for the award and I have to admit that I laughed when you apologised for handing it to me - it is rather double edged :)

Anonymous said...

It rained for our first day of spring here in Perth, and is supposed to for the 3rd,4th and 5th - so no washing machine happening here unless in tandem with a clothes dryer and drying rack!

Hope you are feeling better!

:) Marcia

Lin Mei said...

Awwww Marcia! That is a very wet welcome for Spring in Perth. I hope that your immune system is holding up with the up and down weather.

Thank you for the well wishes again. Poor thing! You have been wishing me good health for the past few months and I haven't been keeping my end of the deal by constantly contracting ailments and accidents!

Anonymous said...

The rain missed us, now not showing until Sunday ... don't worry about all the bugs, we are getting our fair share of them too, don't you worry.

I'll keep doing my sunshine dance and we should be good for a while!

:) Marcia

Lin Mei said...

Hey Marcia! I really like the sound of your sunshine dance. You must show me one day.