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Thursday, September 18, 2008

INKlings colour challenge round-up

I'll update links for cards if they come online. And yes! I've had to add mine in to make up the numbers. Also, I haven't forgotten Jayne's - it is just that hers is top top secret.

JoLin MeiRuth


Alana Galagher said...

OK - I've taken the hint & posted mine on my blog now!

Thanks so much for the challenges Lin Mei - I had so much fun :-)

Lin Mei said...

whoo hoo! *giggle*

Thanks for letting me know, Alana. As usual, it is always great to have you participating.

Hey everybody! Want some blog candy?

Joanna Wassens said...

Hi Lin Mei,

You are amazing - I love the round up!

I too have taken the hint and posted my card on my blog. I re photographed it in the daylight!
Here is the link:

Many thanks

Lin Mei said...

Hey Jo! Your card looks even more beautiful in daylight so I've retaken the snapshot. I hope you prefer the new one ...