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Friday, September 19, 2008

Out of order

Such strange serendipity! I was entering the title of this post with just the hint of a smirk, when Fate slapped me down for being out of order. The original meaning that I had intended for this title was that I would be showing one of the challenges for the cyberstamp out of sequence...but when Blogger's Autosave feature activated, I was greeted with "Autosaved failed" and prompted with the standard suggestion of please try again...which I did. Hmmmm...did I try that again or did I imagine myself pressing the Save button? So I pressed it again. "Autosaved failed". Oh no! Blogger is out of order!

So, I trawled through the Blogger Help Forums, found no help there but lots of panicky people rearranging chairs. I then tinkered around with my settings and if you are experiencing the same problems, try clearing your browser cache and refreshing on each form before you use it (such as the list of posts and when you open up the edit post form). It worked for me [ETA: just long enough to get this posted] !

The third challenge for this month's INKlings Cyberstamp was the option of either a scrapbook layout or making a card using a themed stamp set so that the theme was not featured (eg. a Christmas stamp set for a birthday card) or vice versa (eg. a Valentine's day card from a non-themed flower stamp set). The scrapbook page is to use [WARNING: sample scrap page features a SNAKE] the following sketch.

I've posted this out of order so that my mum can see another layout of my nephew, Shi Wei! I've kept her waiting long enough...

Scrap page using Stampin' Up! SuppliesStampin' Supplies
Chocolate Chip
Really Rust
Wild Wasabi

Defining Alphabet
Priceless set

Apple Cider DSP
Naturals Ivory CS
River Rock Textured CS
Vellum CS

1/16" Circle Punch
Anchored Rub-ons
Antique Brass Hodgepodge Hardware
Black Hemp Twine
Corner Rounder Punch
Earth Elements Buttons


Zarna said...

Oooh I hadn't thought of using vellum on a layout! Such a beautiful page!

(I'm experiencing some blogger problems of my own but it think they link to a certain 11mth old 'assistant' who has deadly accuracy on the ctrl+a buttons while i'm typing hehe)

Lin Mei said...

Hey Zarna! My little secret to scrapping success is to feature my nephew - he would make a hessian sack look like a very nicely textured page.

That is very impressive that your little one can press two keys at once (especially including a special function key)! They know just where to hit us :)

Belle said...

You should do more scrapbook layouts, Lin Mei, this one is beautiful. I like the little scallop/circles peeking out at the bottom.

Lin Mei said...

Hi belle! Just imagine how easy that would have been using your Fiskars Water Threading punch.

By the way, your amazing acetate Christmas card was the final nail in the "I must not buy acetate" coffin. So, I've just bought a couple of sheets and the endless possibilities have swamped me. I'm now in design paralysis...

Kylie S said...

Yes, how adorable is he!!

Lin Mei said...

Hey Kylie! Completely utterly...

Sue Madex said...

Hi Lin Mei - Love the layout. And I just bought Priceless and when I was mounting that solid rectangular stamp was thinking that I hadn't seen anything that used that one - and voila, here's a great idea! Thanks heaps.

Lin Mei said...

Hey Sue! The sketch is pretty neat - I chose this one because you can easily move between 6X6 and 12X12 with it and you can keep it clean and simple or adorn it to the max. Priceless is a terrific set - just used it today for another scrap page...I'll keep an eye out on your blog for Priceless inspiration.

Chris Parker-Barnes said...

Hi Lin Mei,
He is very cute, and exactly the same age as my little boy. I love the layout you have used and the colour combo.
Keep 'em coming, I really enjoy spending a bit of time browsing your blog to see what new things you have come up with.

Lin Mei said...

Hi Chris! Looking forward to seeing some scrap pages of your little one on your blog :)