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Monday, September 29, 2008

Full circle: two BFFs and a tag

My bad! I was given a couple of Blogging Friends Forever gold cards quite a while ago by two of the loveliest INKlings that I know:

Blogging Friends Forever MemeDani Fender who recently received worldwide recognition for her cardmaking talent by being chosen as one of Kristina Werner's final 15 for her Color Inspiration #22. Yay Dani! Her cards are wonderful and her enthusiasm infectious.

Michelle Dyson who was recently Newly Discovered by Allison. Michelle is very smart on top of being a fabulous crafter. I remember her describing some research that involved someone with an autoimmune condition swallowing an egg of a parasitic worm (which flourishes in pigs) to switch their immune systems to infection fighting mode. This was in great detail and all over dinner! It was seriously interesting and I was really grateful that we had lasagne and not spaghetti that night.

While I was very chuffed to be on the receiving end, I wasn't so keen on one of the rules attached to passing it on. The rules are:

1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.

Yep! I wasn't too sure about rule #2. Who on earth would be a dedicated follower of this blog?! Hmmmm ... checked the list of followers on Blogger (new blogspot feature, btw) and she's already mentioned in this post. So, instead of dedicated followers of my blog, I decided that I would link to the incredibly generous bloggers who have included me in their blog roll to say many many thanks for doing so. I've excluded INKlings from this because I always link to them anyway (they should be known as lINKlings)! In addition, I absolve my newly declared BFFs of any obligation to follow the rules. Can I do that?! I just did!!

Marcia Pringle The Stamp Spot
Marcia makes the most gorgeous cards and off-the-page items in a mind boggling variety of styles. Check her blog for inspiration (or a good dose of awe!) I am really looking forward to seeing some scrap pages from her...does that count as a hint 'cause it really wasn't subtle, was it?

Sue Madex Madex Creations
Sue is famous as she is a commissioned contributor to Aussie Scrapbooking! Her site has great scrap pages and pretty cards and lots of useful tutorials too! *waves goodbye to those rushing off to check out the tutorials*

Chris Parker-Barnes Dot Dot Stamping
Chris recently started blogging in August and already has an impressive collection of cards on display. There is even a cutie pie shot of her little one in a scrap page...

Sarah Klass
Surely, she needs no introduction! Sarah is a top Stampin' Up! demonstrator - one of the select 22 to achieve the Incentive Trip to Palm Cove. She has a really funky style and she can make truly beautiful cards too!

Latisha Coleman Prayer & Stamps
Latisha has not yet left a comment here but I stumbled across her blog and spotted my blog in her linky-list. Latisha is from the US and you know what that means...PREVIEW! She has made the most of Pacific Point and I hope we get some of the marvellous stamps that she has used on her lovely creations.

I also just got tagged by Marcia! But I've already been tagged before and you really don't want to find out another 7 facts about me, right?! I'm sure you were traumatised enough by my first response...

So, why the full circle? It turns out that when I was first tagged in May, my taggees were Michelle and Dani - my two BFFers! How neat is that for an ending?!


Sue Madex said...

Thanks Lin Mei! Much appreciated.

Lin Mei said...

Anytime, Sue!

Chris Parker-Barnes said...

Wow.... thank you Lin Mei, I am completely blown away by this and it is just so unexpected :) I love visiting your blog, not just for your gorgeous designs but also your sense of humour, I know I can always get a laugh out of your posts.

Lin Mei said...

Thank you very muchly, Chris :)